The Lesson of Almost


I swift through my endless train of thoughts, trying my very best to shuffle everything out from my mind. Impossible! I think I am born with magnets stuck somewhere in my mind that instead of attracting metals (like any ordinary magnet), they attract anxiety and unnecessary thoughts of frustration. For some reason, I started to ponder this statement to myself: why do the magnets in my mind preferred to fuss itself up to conjure something stressful and useless instead of something fun and useful for living (such as ways to attract money and gold. I mean, we need money in order to eat and shopping, right)?

This is when my mind decided to be naughty and play a little flashback:
It happened 6 years ago, when I was in my innocent teenage years of 15. It was 2 hours past midnight where I was in the middle of breaking away from reality world to continue my sleep and heading for a washroom trip in one of R&R stops in Malacca (I think..), West Malaysia.

As soon as I finished with what I am destined to do in a washroom, I headed back to our minivan to continue my beauty sleep. Despite of my feeling of being detached from reality, I was confident with myself in determining which part of my vision is real and which one is manufactured straight from Dreamland. As I was lining up to wait for my turn to take my seat in the car, I realized that the car that I was about to enter had a very different setting than the one that I rode. Even the people in the car looked slightly different despite of them talking the same slang as my family’s. However, I was still confident of my ability to distinguish reality from Dreamland just plainly via sight, so I continued to wait for my turn. Perhaps they changed a bit when I went out just now, I assumed between yawns.

I am sure my family went worrying over my absence (since I did took quite a long time for a washroom trip) because the next thing I remembered happening was my uncle calling for me few meters away from the car. It was then I realized that I was about to enter the wrong car! What an embarrassment, my dear.

Let us just snap out from the embarrassing memory that projected out from my memory box of my amazing brain which cannot lead my day without destroying it by throwing myself back into past shameful events. Perhaps all my brain wants to do in all of my life is just to remind myself to be careful and never to rely on just one source of information input. If only I balanced out the information that I can obtained from another source, which happened to be my ears, perhaps I was able to recognize my mistake earlier and poor Uncle need not to go through all the trouble of calling my name from afar anymore.

Guess the ‘almost’ incident, really do teach me life lesson. Well, almost.

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