Verse of the Year 2018: From a Conversation

There is a lady, in her mid-age.

An inspiring wife to an extra-ordinary pastor. She is a beautiful pastor herself with incredible personality, mind and soul.

The one who walked out from darkness and hopelessness of her life with very slim chances of survival, but blossoms into a beautiful work of art, hand-crafted by the hands of our God. Even though her earthly body and soul constantly consumed by exhaustion and business, she never seen ceases away from her passion of running God’s ministry or flashing her warmest smile to bring comfort and hospitality.

One fine peaceful evening in a cabin nearing a foot of a hill that stood so grand, our BEM Shalom WonderKidz teachers had a little gathering together under dark gloomy sky illuminated by thousands of glittering stars. In spite of the darkness, our hearts warmed by a group conversation that left from the pastor’s mouth: 2017 is drawing to the end and 2018 is coming straight ahead. So, what will your new year’s theme and resolution be?

This stuck me hard so I shuffle through my collection of Bible verses which remained untouched for quite some time now. It was then a verse struck my mind like a heavy hurricane sweep me up, just purely to get my attention:

“Yahweh said to Moses, “How long will this people despise me? And how long will they not believe in Me, for all the signs which I have worked among them?”
Numbers 14: 11 (WEB)

An echo of my voice came to me: How long have I left God at the intersection, refusing to let Him goes back into my life again? He answered me so many questions, healed my emotional mess so many times, giving myself so many chances, snapped myself out from so many insecurities, pulled me off suicidal verge so many times, provided myself from so many inadequacies and yet I still do not trust Him enough to lead me back to the green pastures that He kept on bugging me about? Sure, He leads me to places where I do not want to be, asks me to do the things that I do want to do, let me to have tonnes of emotional waves but did He even leave me astray? Even though I did all of these disgraceful things in life, He still takes me into His presence and still loves me.

When I think back, 2017 was a year full of disgrace and disappointment. The year that gave me colours and stole them back again. It is a year full of pain with minimal joy. But it is also will be my year of transformation and restoration, for I will transform what I experienced in 2017 into a blessing for 2018. It is His gift for me to live another year and as how as He led me through my darkest hours of 2017, He will do the same for my 2018. Sure, I will have recurrent episodes of depressive or maniac emotions, but at least I have Him.


Darling, let us have a little conversation. How will your theme of 2018 will be?


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