Evoking Back


So, I just finished one of my paper today and it was a disappointment for me (as usual). I studied hard (kind of, for last minute students) but I failed to reach up to my expectation (as usual). Oh well, there goes my hope! 

Speaking about exams, my mind will always auto-pilot itself back or evoke back to certain historic event of my life which deeply imprinted into the back of my mind.

The story happened a year ago when I was in my tender Year 2 of my degree study. I was having a tough paper with my mind doing a great job in misplacing all the useful details that both of us have been working on all night. Perhaps I have been downloading too much details into my brain until my memory has gotten infected by deadly malware and eventually cranked up the anti-virus system in my brain at the wrong hour which leads to my brain getting re-format, or my brain is just fated to be born with the talent of misplacing details.

Back to the story. The exam hall was peaceful, despite of being filled with tension and whisper of papers being scribbled onto. I was stuck with the same question for quite some time, so I decided to rest my head on my desk for awhile, just to clear off my messed up mind. Perhaps my mind was still asleep or in inactive mode, hence I could not boost my mind into thinking mode, just yet.

The environment was cold and comfortable. With the condition of me being seated on a cushioned bouquet chair at the back of the hall in calming quietness, is just enough to lure me into Dreamland; and it does! I was lured into Dreamland, all within 10 minutes.

The next thing I know, was a deep voice talking; and the voice woke me up. For once there I thought I was in trouble for sleeping in exam hall. Peeking my surrounding from the corner of my eyes, I found nobody was around me. It was then I realized that the voice that I heard was my own voice. I was sleep-talking during exam in the hall! Oh dear, how embarrassing it was.

I quickly seated back, acting as if I was focused the whole time. However, it was not long until I heard a chuckle. From the corner of my eyes (again), I saw a familiar figure trying his best to hide his laughter. He heard the noise that I made and been laughing about it all along. Why the heck he cannot just acted along? 

To add things worse, my crush was just a few seats away!

This is one of my most embarrassing memory yet and exactly one of the reason why I do not want to evoke back old memories. *cry*

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